Bridging Worlds,
connecting with your loved ones and Spirit Team.

What does it mean to be psychic?

We all possess a psychic, intuitive side. This is that gut feeling or hunch you get from time to time. It’s that part of you that uses your non-physical senses to acquire information about the past, present, or future. This sixth sense becomes more prominent when it’s regularly acknowledged and exercised.

What is a Medium?

A Medium is an intermediary between this world and the next. The Medium is able to have an active real-time dialogue with the spirit world and can provide enough evidence and details to remove any doubt in the mind of the recipient that a true communication with the spirit world is taking place. All Mediums are psychic, but not all Psychics are Mediums since it is a hone and developed ability to attune to the spirit world.

What should I expect from the spirit world?

For the most part, our perception of other-worldly things has been created by things we see on TV and in movies. Much of this media representation is simply hype and sensationalism which preys on the minds of people who haven’t been exposed to the reality of the spirit world. The spirit world that I have encountered isn’t scary at all—only loving, helpful, and inspirational. Those in spirit (family, friends, Angels, Masters, and Guides) want to help and assist us by imparting knowledge, information, and guidance.

What is the difference between a spirit and a ghost?

When Mediums get in touch with those who have passed over, they are contacting spirits. There can be a dialogue and interaction between the two and information received about the spirit’s life both on earth and in the spirit world.

A ghost is a psychic imprint of energy that has built up over a period of time. It is like watching a video that has captured an event and keeps playing the scene over and over again. There is no way to interact with this phenomena, it is like talking to your television and not receiving a response back.

What happens during a private reading?

The Medium and the sitter (the person receiving the reading) sit quietly for a few moments while the Medium connects with the spirit world. The spirits, who are loved ones or friends of the sitter, connect telepathically to the Medium so that the Medium is able to sense, hear, or see them. Once a strong connection is made, the Medium establishes who the spirits are and then relates all the information from and about spirit–the facts, details, and messages.

There is time available during the reading for the sitter to ask questions. In addition, the Medium may also provide additional psychic or mediumistic information and details received about the sitter’s life situation–family, relationships, work, health, relocation, and finances.

Is there a different between a reading conducted in person versus a reading over the phone?

While some people enjoy the personal connection they feel when sitting in the same room with the Medium while the reading is being conducted; there is absolutely no difference between the two methods of accomplishing a reading. In either method, the sitter will be provided the same accurate, detailed, and evidential information and guidance. As a Psychic, I can connect with you just by knowing your name; as a Medium, I am only a thought away from your loved ones in spirit. We really are not separated by time, space, or distance.

Can a Psychic predict my future?

I believe that we create our own reality and destiny based on our thoughts, words, and deeds. A Psychic is able to tell you where you are headed in the future based on your present thoughts and the energy that surrounds them. But, if you decide to change your thoughts or mind, you can alter future outcomes. You and no one else, are the captain of your ship, and you do have the privilege and responsibility for where you want to steer your own vessel.