Bridging Worlds,
connecting with your loved ones and Spirit Team.

During my stay at Arthur Findlay College on March 22, 2011, I witnessed and heard about some of the unique ways someone in spirit can make his or her presence known.  A fellow mediumship student from Chicago, Sharla Rae (, was casually drawing during one of our class lectures.  As she applied pencil to paper, the face of a young man emerged. It was not until she finished the drawing- that she was startled by the voice of a young man in her mind telling her that his hair should be longer. Sitting behind Sharla Rae was Jane, a student from North Yorkshire, England. Jane had been watching curiously, as the young man’s face began to resemble a missing person- a person that she had previously seen on the local news. After the lecture, Jane relayed the story to her friend Linda. As she told Linda of her experience, they discussed the strong evidence pointing to the fact that the man in the drawing may have been Linda’s recently deceased brother-in-law.

That night Jane and Linda approached Sharla Rae and asked her to show them the drawing. Linda recognized her brother-in-law, Ben, at once.  She had a picture of him on her phone—the same one that was used on the missing person’s poster.  Benjamin Adam Manning, 17, had passed away in the morning of January 22, 2011.  Unfortunately, officials did not find his body until February 2, 2011. In the interim, Ben’s picture had been broadcast on the nightly news and posted on missing person’s posters all over England.

Ben had gone to a friend’s band gig the night he went missing.  His mother and father were also going to go, but his father wasn’t feeling well so they decided not to accompany him.  During the band’s performance, Ben got separated from his friends at the bar when he went outside to smoke and then couldn’t get back in.  The film on the CCTV cameras showed Ben waiting at a bus stop where a bus never arrived and then walking away in the wrong direction.  It was a cold and wintery night.  The last of the CCTV cameras footage showed him walking up a path toward the river.  It appears that Ben might have gotten lost while walking along the Calder River and fell into the water.

Linda told me that on February 1st, the day before Ben’s body was found; the police and all the family were sitting in the first floor living room at the family’s home talking and viewing the CCTV footage.  They all heard footsteps upstairs in the hallway and doors were opening and slamming.  One of Ben’s brothers went upstairs to investigate, but no one was there.

Linda had decided to attend the weeklong mediumship class at Arthur Findlay College to see if Ben would make his presence known.  She was comforted by Sharla Rae’s picture of Ben that she could take back to the grieving family.  In Spirit Art, the medium is inspired by Spirit to draw or paint a Spirit communicator who often shows a likeness to that person now in Spirit and is recognized by the recipient.  This type of encounter aims to prove that we do not die, but life goes on.


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