Bridging Worlds,
connecting with your loved ones and Spirit Team.

All of us have Spirit Guides who help us to live out the plans we made before we were born. Their guidance can come in many forms. Such as those, seemingly random ideas or thoughts that pop into our heads, unsolicited advice from a friend or stranger, or consistent messages that appear from the environment that surrounds us.

So, who are these Spirit Guides? They are people who had earthly lives. We acquire our guides through the Law of Attraction, which states “like attracts like”. Spirit Guides associate themselves with us for their own spiritual growth. They are usually more advanced than us and have experience in our life lesson areas and they can work on karmic issues while they help us.

Is it important that I get to know my Spirit Guides? According to a group of evolved souls from the Spirit World who spoke through Silver Birch*, when you are able to connect and to attune with your Spirit Guides they are able to quicken your spiritual awareness. This significant connection to them will assist you to expand your intuition, to gain greater insight and guidance about your life, and to expand your spirituality.

Are my Spirit Guides always the same? A few of your guides agreed before you were born to be with you throughout your life. Additional guides will enter your life as you pursue various work positions, hobbies, and challenging life situations. Your Spirit Team will also bring in Spirit Specialists when the need arises.

If you are open, you can develop a real relationship with your Spirit Team. So, how do you do this? It is quite simple to make this connection with them, but you are the one who initiates it. First, you set a clear intention that you want to connect and to attune with them. Next, you sit quietly with an open mind in the silence, trusting that you will perceive your Spirit Guides’ presence shortly. This is similar to sitting in meditation, except your intention is to connect with them. Soon you and your Spirit Team will develop a closer link as you consistently sit and allow them to draw closer to you.

Connecting and attuning with your Spirit Guides is one of the most important activities you can undertake this lifetime. Knowing that you are never alone and that you have friends in spirit who are helping and assisting you every step of this lifetime is such a fun and joyful experience. Please try it! If you need any help, just give me a call. We can do a reading together where I can obtain the name of your Spirit Guide. Or, I can direct you to one of our classes where you can gain a stronger connection to your Spirit Team and the Spirit World.


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