Bridging Worlds,
connecting with your loved ones and Spirit Team.

In my client’s own words…

“Wow. My wife and I are expecting our first children (twins). When we met with Mary, she informed us that through her connection with our grandparents, she was able to learn the sex of our babies. Careful not to pass along any information we weren’t ready to receive; Mary asked us if we wanted to know the sex of our unborn children. We ABSOLUTELY wanted to know and Mary informed us we would be having a boy and a girl. Perfect! Of course, I was still a little uncertain (I’m somewhat of a skeptic by nature). As luck would have it, we had an ultrasound scheduled the following week. Sure enough, the doctors were able to confirm a little boy and a little girl.
Mary was able to connect with relatives on both sides of our families. I’m looking forward to meeting with Mary again to “reconnect” with some of the special people that have influenced my life who have passed away.
If you’re still debating about setting up an appointment, DO IT! You won’t regret it and I suspect you’ll find the experience very rewarding.”
Eric O. – Denver

“My name is Suzanne Tindall. On August 10, 2011, my 26 year old son, Robbie, committed suicide. We had an estranged relationship for years. I felt he had been angry at me for years. I contacted Mary Torrey because my niece in Denver had had a reading with her, and someone came to her reading that sounded like it might be my son. I had never been to a Medium or a Psychic before in my life. Per her instructions, I gave Mary no information about me. When the reading began I was very nervous. Mary’s kindness made me feel calm. I believe in my heart of hearts that Robbie showed up. She told me things about Robbie that only my family and I would know, things about his personality. It was comforting to know that he still has those precious qualities. I had already felt a spiritual connection the night after he died, so I had an open mind and heart during the read. I live in MN, so the reading was done over the phone, something else I found amazing.

It was real for me because she knew Robbie had healing to do as well. I was comforted knowing that he is getting help with that healing on the other side. It is healing for me to know that the spiritual connection I had already felt is real. I am now able to define my own beliefs about the afterlife. I feel like I able to better receive help myself. I am going through this grieving process in a healthy way. I know that is what Robbie wants for all of us.

I believe Mary has a true gift. What a blessing for me, and my family to have crossed paths with her.”
Suzanne Tindall – Saint Paul, MN

“Just received the CD of our session. I want to thank you so much for the peace I have regarding my relationship with my Dad.
I was telling a friend about how I could never talk/think about my Dad without crying but since your assistance I now
carry a warm feeling when I think of him, not sadness. Her comment was “You have been grieving for him for 24 years.”
I realized that she was right. I think I was finally able to let him go in the human sense. I feel him so much more in such a pleasant way. Can’t thank you enough.”
Patt S. – Florida

“My main reason for visiting with Mary was to learn whether my wonderful mother, who died in 1987, was now experiencing the happiness and joy she so richly deserved while alive but did not receive.

I left Mary’s reading with my heart buoyed by the conviction that Mother was, indeed, having a blast wherever her Spirit now resides.”
Sue Patton Thoele – Longmont, CO

“The outcome of my time with her was one of growth, enlightenment and peace. Mary was able to connect with close family members who are on the other side- my father who passed over in March 2010 and his mother, who has been there since 1990. The validations that Mary received were indisputable that these were people that I know and love.

The messages that she delivered from my father and grandmother, as well as my spirit guides were direct and eye-opening. I was told to stop being so busy that I act like a chicken running around in circles. I was told I don’t hear their messages because I am doing something all the time.

During their communication to me, Mary was abruptly told that my spirit guides were going to do a healing on me. This healing made me feel light, and at peace. That feeling has stayed with me even two months later. I feel like I went through a shift. I will return to Mary for another session. The information she conveyed to me confirmed that our loved ones truly are around us all the time and they do want to help us in our lives on earth if we are open to receiving their guidance.

Mary is a very warm, mainstream, professional psychic medium who conducts her readings in a highly controlled environment. She is the real deal. You will love her once you meet her.”
Carol Schmidt – Longmont, CO

“I never had a reading before I met with Mary, even though I have had paranormal experiences in my life. You could say that I was open, yet still a little skeptical. Mary took me totally by surprise when she started talking in detail about an older woman who she said was in the room with us. She said it was my mother and described her personality, children, and interests. Everything was right on.

I was very close to my Mom before she died, and when Mary said that this older woman was very proud of me and is with me every day in my garden and my art studio. I knew and felt her essence. Now I know that it is true and I am so grateful to know that my Mom is always so close to me. The reading with Mary has really uplifted and changed my life.
Mary is the real McCoy. She has an uncanny connection to other realms that most of us do not have. I have referred my daughter and many of my friends to her. I highly recommend a reading with her.”
Dennis West – 23rd Ave. Sculpture Studio – Denver

“I had been searching for help with a medical issue and not having much luck. The first words out of Mary’s mouth were the words for what I was searching for. From there the reading only got better. I’m a believer in Mary’s ability and her connection to another level.”
Kathleen Genereux – Denver

“Mary’s reading was very accurate and informative. As a psychic myself, I am sometimes leery of psychic readings from others. She is the real deal. She had several messages from my father for me. From the moment you meet her, Mary’s warmth and genuine concern to help others is very evident.”
Monica C. – Metro Denver Psychic

“During my session with Mary, my heart just opened up as I could feel the connection with my ancestors’ energy. She has an unbelievable gift. This was a genuine experience that I intend to revisit and go deeper into with Mary. It was a profound experience for me, and I felt safe and deeply moved. Mary knows what she is doing.”
Patty B. – Denver

“I had never had a reading with a medium before and didn’t quite know what to expect. When Mary started to describe a younger man who had passed away recently who had something going on with his hands, loved to play the guitar, and go to concerts, I knew immediately that it was our friend, Tony. Before Tony died, his hands were itchy and peeling.
Mary also told me that Tony played with the wind chimes in our backyard in an effort to let my husband and me know that he was still around. The funny thing about these wind chimes is that they had been moving and chiming in the past even though there isn’t any wind or whirling air around them.

As a follow-up to this reading with Mary, my husband and I were recently in the backyard having a loud and serious discussion when the wind chimes suddenly started chiming. My husband, Josh, and I stopped talking and quickly looked at the wind chimes. The backyard air was very still and yet the wind chimes were still moving. We broke out laughing and knew it was Tony.

This reading was quite a moving experience for me. The message and information that Mary relayed from Tony has really helped me with my healing. And, I know that Tony is still around. Mary has a gift. She couldn’t have known these intimate details about my friend beforehand. I’m really looking forward to having another reading with her again.”
Amoreena Bluecreek West – Denver

“Mary Torrey is a warm and captivating meta-physician. Her accuracy about my lineage was stunning and insightful which assisted me to release energetic encumbrances that no longer fit my life. Her demeanor is very professional and caring at the same time, which fosters an immediate trust in her. If you are searching to know, meet with Mary and explore your possibilities.”
Alexx D. – Denver

“The appointment was planned several weeks earlier. I recalled earlier contacts with Mary Torrey on and off for 20+years, following her through several careers and travels. I was aware of her spiritual orientation, and was delighted to know that she had recently trained as a medium in England. I felt excited and honored for the opportunity to experience her new undertaking. I am 79 years old, and have had many experiences, many of them with spiritual practices. However, as a professional medical specialist, clothing designer and writer, I have often viewed some spiritual practices critically and skeptically.

My experience with mediums has been in several group gatherings, varying from several hundred people to 25. The medium answered questions from the audience. I knew people in the smaller group, and the readings, seemed pretty accurate. Many of the questions in both groups centered on relationships, jobs, emotional issues, and about messages from dead relatives and friends. I don’t remember anything that came out of these sessions for me, but I was curious who might contact me from beyond life. I didn’t try to guess or have expectations.

Mary and I met. She had already made it clear prior to the reading that she did not want to know about the person she was reading. She created a relaxed setting in a private room, and prepared to tape the session. Both of us relaxed to allow Mary to communicate on the spirit level. She had a message for me that was totally unexpected. It was from one of my spirit guides, not family or friends or something from another life as I half-expected. Mary explained the message clearly, and strongly that I needed to use my spiritual gift of intuition and healing for many people who needed it. I felt an outburst of emotion and fear. Mary reassured me of the necessity to relieve the burden of denial of this gift, and promised to help. I felt relief and admitted to myself that the message was correct. Mary was at all times caring in the reading and helpful. It was a very good experience, and forecasted changes that I need to make in my life. I would consult Mary again, and have done so. I am pleased to have a CD of the session that I can review.”
Patricia Ann Reid – Golden, CO

Here’s what some of my students are saying about classes I teach:

“Thanks again, Mary, for a fun and challenging psychic development class. I appreciated that you had a fairly small class size and that the other students were wonderful. Although I am more of a beginner than other people in the class, the way you structured the different exercises was perfect for everyone at every level. You answered all questions and provided an overview of each exercise, but I particularly liked that we spent most of our time practicing specific psychic skills. I look forward to the next class or working with you one-on-one in ongoing mentoring.”
Lyn H.

“I have been taking Mary Torrey’s Psychic Development class for the past four weeks and have found it very helpful. Mostly I have done remote viewing in the past, having achieved considerable accuracy using alpha wave technology. Mary’s course has given me other ways of viewing. I have learned how to read ”cold contacts” with both living and spirit forms, which surprised me. This added to my self-confidence and self-image. The class atmosphere has been encouraging, friendly and informative without being overbearing. I particularly liked the emphasis on meditation and grounding both in and out of class to develop awareness and stability. I would like to see the class expand to 8 weeks for further expansion of abilities.”
Pat R.

“Mary’s Psychic Development Class is exactly what I was looking for! Her teaching clearly shows that we all do have some level of psychic abilities and can learn to develop them further. Her class has convinced me to further my training in this area. She is a charming, positive and enthusiastic teacher. I would highly recommend her class to anyone interested in the psychic realm.”
Darlene V.

“Mary is an inspired teacher. She has the capacity to engage students with little experience to those that are already practicing their skills. She provides a safe place in her class. She helped me realize I had skills. I you have the time, take Mary’s class.”

“Mary’s class was wonderful and full of warm energy and spirit. Whether you are thinking about a psychic development class as a means to work as a psychic or just to develop your own psychic intuition for yourself, then this is a great introduction class for you. Mary encouraged us to really “trust” in our own instincts. It is not about who is a “natural” at psychic energy, but that it is a learned and practiced skill like the many skills we have learned in our life. Mary gave us homework and practicing advice that helped us build upon each class. I only wish that the classes were longer! I truly enjoyed Mary’s teaching and shared personal experiences along with the wonderful people in our class. I look forward to joining her advanced classes!”
Pamela Chlad

“I am writing to let you know how much I enjoyed your psychic development class. I knew I had gifts and abilities since I have used them throughout my life; however, I did not always trust myself to be accurate or listen closely enough. Your class was a supportive environment that allowed me to bloom and grow into a better listener of guidance. Thank you for holding the space for me and our class so that we could enhance our abilities. I will be back for advanced training.”
Dr. Dakota Gundy

“All my life I have questioned and looked for validation of my own psychic experiences. Book reading about developing these skills only provided me with one-sided information. I needed a way to get hands-on practice to learn from others and to receive feedback. Your psychic development class taught me a lot. I received the validation I needed, and found a better way to listen to what my intuitive self had to say. I was truly amazed and excited with the classes’ outcome. The way you structured the activities in a small group setting was totally worth it. And, I really enjoyed the mentoring you provided. Thank you so much.”
Kristen Backstrom

“I am a very analytic, research oriented person, and often dismissed the validity of my intuition, flash insights, and feelings. Exercises in the classes validated that information gained this way was accurate far more often than chance would allow. I also learned some helpful techniques to help filter out random input and mental noise, and to focus more on messages from a higher energy.”

“I was moved to take Mary’s Psychic Development class several months ago. I arrived for the first class kinda of tense and excited. I brought with me old ideas about what a class is: teacher in charge; we know nothing; there to learn something; write down lots of information; discuss the results. All wrong. This was the most liberating class I’ve ever taken. You, Mary, are so nuturing and good humored that you helped me and all of my classmates to relax. This class was really excited and fun while it taught me to trust my own psychic abilities. I was already looking forward to the following week’s class before the current class ended for the night! The class had more meaning than any course I’ve taken. I did not want this course to end, so I will be taking the advanced class in the Fall, and do a “drop-in” on future classes. Loved it! More, please!”
Peg Adamson

“I have always been involved in psychic development for my own growth and spiritual well being, and was fortunate to take Mary Torrey’s Psychic Development class. If you want to obtain your own answers and have questions about your “connections”, I highly recommend you contact Mary and inquire about her classes, or get a reading. You won’t be disappointed.”
Preston Camp